unnamedBack by popular demand!

Our ALL KIDS BROADWAY MUSICAL REVUE has been such a big hit we are bringing it back!

The show is a one hour show featuring music from Broadway, Disney, Movies, Top 40 as well as a few oldies.

DIRECTED by Andrew Diskes
MUSICALLY DIRECTED by Lynne Jackson and Mike Palter

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Young cast members get excellent experience singing as well as gaining experience in stage presence, team work and confidence-building. We also get to pass down to the next generation, songs that our parents and grandparents loved singing as children.

SHOW DATES: 3 performances between March 18 – 22.

REHEARSALS: (Begin Monday, January 12)
Mondays at 5:30pm
You can either leave at 7:30pm / 8pm / 9pm

Whichever time fits your schedule best.
The later you stay, the more songs you will be in, but even if you leave at 7:30pm, you will be in a large amount of songs.

We will add 3 rehearsals before we open on
Saturday, March 14 from 10:30am to 1:30pm
Monday & Tuesday, March 15 & 16 from 5:30pm – 8:30pm



Neverland Theatre raises revenue by 4 ways: show fees, ticket sales, advertising in program book as well as concessions/raffles. Each cast member is responsible for the following:

(DISCOUNT below if you pay by following dates)
$100 if paid by December 5
$125 if paid by December 15
$150 if paid by December 19
$175 if paid by December 31
$200 if paid by January 7
$225 if paid by January 12

($25 discount per sibling only when you pay $200 or over in show fees)

If interested in signing up to be in the show, please email Andy at neverlandtheatre@comcast.net for a SIGN UP SHEET and Mailing Address. Show fees are non-refundable.


Each cast member is required to bring in advertisements/sponsors in the amount of $25 which is due two weeks prior to opening night.


TICKETS: There is no requirement to sell a certain amount of tickets but we hope that each cast member can sell at least 10 tickets to the show since the majority of an audience is made up of family/friends of the cast.